…and so the day arrives! Let’s go!

Now that these two little beauties have gone to stay with Frances and Mark at Church Farm Boarding Kennels, the house feels TOTALLY empty and I have no one to talk to but myself! 😂 I know they’ll be happy and well looked after though so there’s no need to worry about them…….

My flight is at 9.30pm so I have time to do a few last minute things, like writing this blog, before I leave. I’ve done a two hour yoga practice this morning to set myself up for the long hours of travelling ahead. I have plenty of reading downloaded onto my iPad, two online courses to delve into and my colouring books and pencils to while away the time.

I’ve been in touch with Eva from the charity I raised money with the help of students, family and friends for following the dreadful earthquakes in Nepal on April and we’re hoping to meet up in Kathmandu. The charity still needs our help so if you’d like to donate you can do so here……


I’m also hoping to meet up with Manose, the musician and Bansuri Flute player from Kathmandu, as he is also going to be in Kathmandu while I’m there. He too is involved with Eva’s charity and has done much to raise awareness about the plight of his people after the disaster. I often play Manose’s music in during yoga. He can also be heard on most of Deva Premal & Miten’s music. Here’s some music for you to listen to from Manose…..


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