Charity Work

After Chrissie’s first trip to India in 2011, she was deeply affected by the number of children she had seen that were living and begging on the streets and in the slums. They didn’t go to school, but instead worked and scrounged for a living to help to support their families. It touched her so deeply that she decided to find a small charity that she could raise money for. That charity was The HOPE Foundation ( HOPE is a small charity based in Kolkata helping children to have access to education. Chrissie decided to sponsor two children, enabling them to attend school full time, changing their lives forever. Chrissie donates and raises money throughout the year to continue her support for these two children and in 2014 went to Kolkata to visit HOPE Foundation’s charity and meet the children being sponsored.

Chrissie also raised money to support the children affected by the dreadful earthquake which struck Nepal in 2015. Funds she raised went towards the building of a new school for the children and emergency shelters and food for those in need. She was told about the charity by friends and mantra musicians, Deva Premal, Miten and Manose (who comes from Kathmandu in Nepal). Chrissie visited Nepal in Autumn 2015 and witnessed first hand the tragic outcome of the earthquake.


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