Private yoga & yoga therapy consultations

Private practices may be for Yoga or Yoga Therapy. Chrissie’s Private Practices take place in your own home at a mutually agreeable time to suit both the student and Chrissie and can be of a length to suit you, although most students will opt for a one hour practice. You might choose a private (or one-to-one) for a variety of reasons. These include;

  • Just starting Yoga and not much knowledge of what to expect.
  • An injury or condition (may be physical or related to mental health)
  • Not able to make it to group practices.
  • A preference to practice in your own surroundings.

In group practices there is always a theme which will have been set by Chrissie. Private practices however, give you the opportunity to focus on your own needs. So, if you have a shoulder injury, for instance, Chrissie will tailor the practice to include healing practices whilst avoiding further injury or discomfort to the shoulder region. These practices will include breathing practices to help control pain as well as gentle physical practices to build up strength and increase flexibility. Where appropriate Chrissie will also advise on nutritional changes that might help and natural supplements to add to the diet.

You might prefer to have one or two practices at home with Chrissie before joining her group practices or decide that you’d like to take this route as a more permanent option. You might also attend group practices and have private practices as well. Get in touch with Chrissie to help you decide.

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