Adults & Teens

The word ‘yoga’ is thought to have over 200 meanings but is often linked with the word ‘yoke’, meaning to join. I like to think of it as joining or uniting the mind and body, of us becoming more aware of the positive effect we can have on our lives, both mentally and physically once we recognise that the mind and body can work in harmony and not separately. What a joyous moment that is……..

Chrissie is a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher and teaches classes to teenagers and adults. Get in touch if you’d like her to start a class in your area, like one-to-one private sessions, or have a group of friends who’d be interested in getting together in your own home.

As a qualified Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist and with a dance background, Chrissie is enjoying the opportunity to combine her skills with her compassionate nature and sense of humour to encourage people to have a better awareness of the link between their physical and mental wellbeing so enabling them to draw on yoga to deal with difficult day-to-day issues. Chrissie teaches adults, including disabled and older people in the Cambridgeshire/Suffolk area.

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