Hello, Welcome and Namaste, and thank you for ‘joining’ me on this life changing journey…..Thank you, I hope you enjoy checking in occasionally.

I can’t say how often I’ll be able to post photos and updates as it’s a hectic itinerary which I intend to embrace to the full! I’m not sure how reliable the wi-fi will be in the hotels either. There’s also a limited supply of electricity in Nepal since the earthquakes so each town is rationed as to how much usage they have (yes, I have packed a torch and candles) 🙂

If you click on the ‘ABOUT’  link next to ‘HOME’ (which is this page) you can find a link to the YOGA NEPAL website which has all the information about the trip, including the itinerary and where I’ll be staying.

Do sign up rather than just popping in occasionally. By signing up you’ll receive an email when I post something knew and you’ll be able to leave a comment or two – it will be great to hear from you while I’m travelling….

Let’s go!!

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