Wednesday 28th October – Visit to Patan

I may fall asleep while writing this as it’s been a wonderfully hectic day and I have to be up super early! It’s almost 11pm as I start to write – lots of photos to share with you 😀

The day was spent in Patan, a town about half an hour from the hotel. Patan, is the third largest city of Nepal after Kathmandu and Pokhara and it is located in the south-central part of Kathmandu Valley.

Patan too has suffered devastation from the earthquake and there are many properties that have collapsed or displaying a red cross indicating that they are unsafe to live in.

We visited one of the many artisans who are helping to restore the temples and statues etc. Using traditional methods taking long hours, they recreate the missing or damaged sections of various gold plated items destroyed or damaged in the earthquake. Here are a few photos of this very talented craftsman at work……

Remaking Buddha’s ear.

Remaking Buddha’s ear.

Decorative borders for a temple.
We also saw many beautiful Temples and shrines scattered around the town….

….and visited the Golden Temple – here are a few photos from there……

Prayer Wheels
The architecture of the properties is incredibly beautiful and houses are being rebuilt in the traditional style…..


Our group (minus Katherine who took the photo) with Anil, our super informative guide on the left and Bidur, our super caring guide on the right; James, source of all things buddhism and smiles; Marni next to him – gentle and nurturing and Radhika, our Yoga Guru next to her ❤


Another action packed and memorable day was had by all. We ended the day with Yoga, followed by supper and then I did my packing ready for tomorrow as we’re leaving for Boudhanath – ‘see’ you there 😉


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