Sunday 25th October – First Night in Nepal :)

So, it’s 20.49 Kathmandu time and I’m in bed. Not really tired but it does seem to have been rather a long day…and I’m trying to adjust my inner clock 🤓
The flight into KTM was spectacular as I could see the peaks of snow covered mountains above the huge fluffy clouds which were in themselves spectacular! Have a peep and see what you think…

The luggage took forever to come through but I had a lovely chat with a lady from KTM – she has a daughter working in Cambridge…suddenly you find you have a bond & conversation just flows. This has to be one of the joys of travelling alone. I guess we’re more aware of those around us and open to connecting rather than when travelling with family or friends and we’re focused on that circle.

My case finally made an appearance and outside was, as expected a smiling driver holding up the YOGA NEPAL placard. He bowed and put a traditional white silk scarf around my neck and then added a beautiful garland of bright orange marigolds – I’d arrived in Kathmandu!!

And so here I am in Hotel Vajra. On the drive here I felt as if it was very like being in India but I was very aware of the piles of rubble and damaged buildings – shocking reminders of the dreadful earthquakes earlier in the year.
View over the courtyard from my room……

Four others have arrived today too – it was good to meet them and break the ice. We all had supper together too. I also bumped into Radhika, our Yoga instructor.

Tomorrow we start in earnest late afternoon with our first group practice – can’t wait!

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